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Figure 12, Burnt tree bole from the Orchard site. It is likely that at least part of the structure was constructed of brick. It is a skill to be able to identify relevant literature from irrelevant literature you have previously encountered. High concentrations of Aboriginal lithic materials, as well as small pieces of white refined earthenware and glass with evidence of knapping, were found during historical and Aboriginal archaeological excavations at the Orchard site Figure Honours, Joint Honours, Major Concentration, Minor Concentration Anthropology provides students with a unique opportunity to understand human cultural diversity -- to compare our own culture with those which are remote in time, in geographic distance, or simply in terms of cultural difference.

Her Masters dissertation focused on effects of land use changes on water quality in Eerste River and her Honours mini-thesis focused on groundwater governance at the University of the Western Cape campus site.

This makes anthropology a central link among the social and historical disciplines.

Senior Thesis Guidelines

Applications from outside of Greece by Greek and non-Greek candidates alike are actively encouraged. The graduate program includes a variety of different approaches and perspectives in economics, including the neoclassical, post-Keynesian, Marxist, and theoretical Institutionalist approaches.

Jacques has extensive experience in regional, metropolitan, city, town, village and urban and rural settlement planning and design, settlement-making and regeneration, community participation and consultation approaches, processes and facilitation, as well as protected areas planning and management.

Project teams EcoAfrica represents a network far larger than its own operational staff. The MPhil will be useful for those who want to have a solid introduction to the areas covered; those who want to upgrade their knowledge close to the frontline research on these themes; and those who want to prepare themselves for PhD research at EIPE or elsewhere.

Abstract A thesis proposal indicates that you are ready to work at a professional level, as you will be writing many proposals, abstracts and summaries throughout your career.

How do modes of calculation, quantification, but also of speculation intertwine in these technologies. Sipho Masimula Reception, hospitality and housekeeping Sipho Masemola is employed by EcoAfrica's offices in Gauteng where he is an office assistant as well as caretaker looking after the maintenance of the premises.

At the postgraduate level, our commitment to critical engagement with mainstream economics while also studying the political economy of development is reflected in cutting-edge research into alternatives both at the level of theory and of economic policy responses.

It also runs a PhD seminar to provide a forum for discussion of the work in progress by its graduate students. Sipho also drives for the company as a messenger and is ready to assist staff and visitors to the office where and when necessary, and does logistics for field trips. Students should start thinking about their thesis topic.

The programme is strongly international. The interdisciplinary MA program has various specializations; many of these have an important economic angle.

A course in statistics, such as ANTHis also recommended as part of the major and honours programs in anthropology and the Minor in Anthropological Archaeology. The aim is to enable students actively to engage with contemporary mainstream economics while also equipping them with the tools and insights provided by alternative theoretical systems of thought in economics.

This year Samuel Bowls has been appointed full professor and will have a leading role in the doctorate programme. For students to obtain a master's degree consistent with the framework in these ancient English universities, they have created the MSt Master of Studies to address this anomaly and differentiate between the degrees, both master's.

UADPhilEcon is committed to a rigorous but also critical approach to economic theories. Courses include institutional and behavioral economics, information economics, political economy of agricultural and trade policy, organization and performance of agricultural markets, and the economics of environmental resources.

Options include behavioural finance; managing complexity; economics of emerging markets; post-Cold World War order; globalisation; and business continuity and crisis management.

We often integrate associates into our project teams to add further value to processes and initiatives. Honours Thesis Research - ANTH Fall Instructor: Prof. Eric Henry Office: MS Office Hours: TR Email:[email protected] Phone: Course time: (Occasional) Thursday, am, MS (Sociocultural Lab) Note: Our class will not meet as a group every week – check the schedule below.

A thesis proposal indicates that you are ready to work at a professional level, as you will be writing many proposals, abstracts and summaries throughout your career. Similar to a grant application or paper proposal, it should be clearly written and focused on a problem that you can easily identify.

Radboud University is a student-centered university in The Netherlands, active in almost all scientific fields. In an open climate and inspiring environment we challenge employees and students to.

Historiographies of Digital Cultures. To suggest that we now live in digital cultures, characterized by the ubiquity of digital media technologies and their influence on almost every form of life and experience, is always already an epochal argument, raising fundamental questions regarding their historicity.

In this unit you complete and submit your substantial, independent research project in Anthropology. Regular meetings with a supervisor approved by the Anthropology Honours Coordinator will guide your progress.

You will continue to submit drafts at agreed times, and develop your expertise in. DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY STYLE GUIDE FOR HONOURS THESIS WRITERS In judging and grading honours theses, the Department of Anthropology evaluates style as well as intellectual content.

Therefore, the Department has prepared this style guide for students.

Major, Minor & Honours Requirements Honours thesis anthropology
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